The Most Interesting Poke Presentation – Zooma Sushi Martini Glass

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Our Specials Menu

Once you walk into Zooma Sushi, you are met with a delightful staff and and talented chef’s ready to make your experience like no other. The restaurant is the perfect size to allow for an intimate gathering or fun get together. The entire Zooma Sushi staff is there to make sure that your needs, wants and desires are met throughout the eating experience.

The seafood we create in our kitchen is not normal food. The sushi hand crafted by experienced chefs is looked at as an art-form and delicacy. It enables customers to reach out of their comfort zone and try some amazingly fresh fish combined with incredible flavors. Often times, seafood is thought of as “out there” or “unknown,” but there are two specials we have that are completely indescribable until you try it yourself. The flavors from the dishes are able to provide a different sense in every bite, almost creating an out of body experience.

Zooma Poke Martini Glass

One of our favorites is the Zooma Poke Martini Glass. It is made with fresh avocado, masago, Scallion, Shiso Leaf Tempura, finished with spicy ponzo. Don’t know what some of those ingredients are? If you try this dish, you will soon find out that it is a medley that creates the best explosion of flavor in this particular genre of cuisine. The fresh avocado gives a beachy California feel to the already delicious and unique dish.

This dish is for beginning lovers of sushi and current. The martini glass comes with a feeling of elegance and class, while the flavors within the glass allow you to be transported to another location. This Malibu special is nothing but spectacular. Undoubtedly one of, if not the only, Poke Martini Glass you’ll find on the Pacific Coast Highway.


Yellowtail Jalapeño

This second dish is called the Yellowtail Jalapeño. A favorite know by some of our most experience customers, the Yellowtail Jalapeño combines sliced yellowtail, slices of fresh jalapeño, ponzu sauce, jalapeño oil, and evoo. After clearing your palette and trying one of these delightful bite sized pieces, a fusion of spicy and cold with fill your mouth. After being soaked in the surrounding sauce the fish soaks in the flavor just enough to leave a taste on your tongue after you try it. There is a delightful “zing” that comes with this flavor being placed in your mouth. The surprising flavors make this dish something to rave about. The slices are cut perfectly and thinly to ensure that the flavors are incorporated into each bite. The jalapeño makes this dish something that you won’t be able to forget!

These are just two of the many dishes on our specials selection. One of the many selections out of our extensive menu of diverse items. Treat yourself to some of our favorite dishes! You will not be sorry.